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Perks of Traveling in the Winter

I enjoy traveling in the winter because if a few big reasons. During the winter, travel is affordable, there are fewer tourists, and you barely sweat. It can possibly be the best time to explore another place, and here's why.

Affordable Flights & Accommodation
It's the low season; meaning that people don't want to travel as much as in the summer, because of the cold. Flight, hotel, hostel, and Airbnb prices are a lot lower because they aren't receiving a high influx of people wanting to visit. This time of year, most people want to go to warmer places, where they don't have to layer up. For instance, I have paid 20 euros for a round-trip flight from the south of Spain to London; and paid 40 euros for a 2-night stay at a hostel in London. In the winter you'll spend less than half on flights and accommodation compared to summer, spring break, or high season prices. Just remember, this means you need to travel to a place where it is currently winter.

Fewer Touris…

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